Racing and Sports operates sophisticated and industry leading website and digital assets.  These platforms provide news, editorial, community discussion, analytics, form, B2C products, shop and other online tools such as the well-known “Neurals”, providing digital services that promote the Racing and Sports brand to over 2 million unique users each year. What’s more, Racing and Sports has acquired the rights to display races from Hong Kong live on the Racing and Sports website.

Racing and Sports is perfectly positioned to offer tailored digital advertising and marketing campaigns on the Racing and Sports websites and digital assets.


Racing and Sports provides the authoritative industry B2B racing news service, NewsWire, which distributes racing news to corporate and industry customers for redistribution.    

Digital Newspapers

Racing and Sports supplies digital online newspapers with high quality editorial and multimedia content for a range of Racing and Sports disciplines.   This medium is growing in popularity and offers advertisers the ability to target customers using editorial based advertising as well as traditional click through banner advertising.

Betting Shop Digital Display (BSDD)

Racing and Sports has developed the innovative and interactive Betting Shop Digital Display (BSDD) – this technology can be deployed to retails outlets, pubs, clubs, casinos and on course.  It is fully customisable and can carry company logos and advertiser content.  Our BSDD product is fully integrated with the Racing and Sports database and can be tailored for any jurisdiction in the world, including foreign languages.

Media Services

Racing and Sports offers high quality media services, such as the highly successful and trusted transcription service and event media coverage and distribution.